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February 27, 2024

  • About Steve Stroh N8GNJ

    Truth be told, to my fellow Amateur Radio Operators, Amateur Packet Radio was my first love. It combined three of my technological passions - radio communications, computers, and data communications. When I moved to the Seattle area in 1987, I fell in with a bad crowd which over the decades has become known as the "WETNET Mafia". That group built a number of Amateur Radio data repeaters (full regeneration) operating at 9600 bps, and operated TCP/IP (concurrent with the opening of the Internet to "civilians"). I wrote about that network in an article The Puget Sound Amateur Radio TCP/IP Network (Circa 1995).

    I've sporadically written about Amateur Radio data communications over the years, including periods of writing for (and very briefly, editing) the TAPR Packet Status Register (PSR) newsletter, and a column in CQ Amateur Radio magazine.

    As of 2020, I'm semi-retired and living in Bellingham, Washington and devoting much of my time to exploring Amateur Radio Data Communications.

    I'm the Editor of Zero Retries Newsletter which discusses technological innovation in Amateur Radio.

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